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Trailhead Hastings – March 1, 2017

Everyone is talking about trails these days! Trails strategies, trails developments, trails use, trails marketing, trails business development… Across the region, organizations, municipalities and tourism see a bright future with trails.

With so much discussion taking place, let’s share this excitement and information with everyone involved. We hope you’ll mark March 1, 2017 on your calendar. Let’s get together at River’s Edge Golf Club, 30 Nicklaus Dr. Bancroft ON K0L 1C0

Many will recall that years ago, the Ontario Trails Council facilitated two province wide conferences in the region – 2002 and 2009 to help share everyone’s interests and priorities, leading to an overview of the regional trails strategy, including the initiation of the Trillium Trail Pass.

Lots has happened since – the OTC, with other regional and national partners has worked to secure funding for trail networks in Hastings, supported Wollaston, Bancroft, Lake St. Peter, Belleville and Tyendinaga Township trails, and we secured a provincial trails act.

Let’s update activities and action plans so we can all better collaborate, leverage our work and expand the benefit to make the most of your 2017-2020 work. This meeting is held thanks to support from Hastings County, the Ontario Trails Council and the Province of Ontario.

The Agenda Framework, March 1                          8:00 am – 5:00 pm: Program

  • Opening remarks: Ontario Trails Council: Trails Integration – from on the ground, to business and tourism
  • Expert Reports: Hear from provincial and national trail leaders as they talk to what makes trails work in their jurisdictions, lessons learned and best practices
  • ‘Round the Room: Introductions by all; a briefing on your activities, plans and priorities
  • As you see it: Gaps and needs, from infrastructure to destination development
  • Partnerships = possibilities: Creative collaboration for 2017 to 2020

The Playback:

The Ontario Trails Council will record what was said about activities, plans and priorities. We’ll record the gaps and needs as you saw them, and the suggestions for partnerships, leverage and collaboration. We’ll have maps on the wall where you can label your recent and upcoming work, and to help locate infrastructure gaps as you see them. All of that will be assembled, and sent to you along with an invitation for further feedback. And with your updates on trails developments, we’ll update our trails maps and resources for the region.

Next Steps?

“Trails” are more than boots on the ground – it’s infrastructure, way-finding, business strategies, resources, community engagement, maintenance, marketing, economic development, tourism, risk management, landowner issues, health and wellness, quality of life, innovation… from March 1, let’s see where the discussion leads next.

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Ontario Trails Council/Consiel de Sentiers de L'Ontario

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